Wednesday, June 22, 2016

3DR, I don 't get it

Recently some retailers had a greater than 50% off sale on the 3DR Solo. This comes at the 1 year mark from it's launch. That in itself is not that big of a deal (pun intended), as many companies reduce the price of a product after a period of time. Most of them announce a new / upgrade of the current product line with the new product being at or above the selling price of the replaced product. This easily justifies the big discount on the older product.

 The problem with the 3DR sale is, there is no newer product!  DJI typically does a big price reduction when they release a new drone in the Phantom series, which they did this time also. So why the "fire sale" at 3DR?  Their main competition is DJI and Yuneec, both of their offerings are about the same price with the 3DR sale at 40% of the competition.  Why would you need to go that low?

I just can't figure this out.